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JUST!JOSH "Imagine Dreaming": A time for reflection and relaxation.

JUST!JOSH comes to us from the UK with "Imagine Dreaming", which opens his new music album called "Stories Of A Forgotten Past".

This very moving piano piece immersed me in a state of nostalgia, reflection and introspection. The piece plays on our feelings, touching us with every note. The composer tells us a very personal story through the music, structuring it very professionally and separating it into an introduction, a climax and an ending. One can discuss this composition endlessly and find new elements in it, but everyone will find something familiar in it.

"Imagine Dreaming" is perfect for your playlist, it will brighten up your pastime, immerse you in a light trance and deliver a lot of aesthetic pleasure.

Music has no boundaries and is always multi-faceted. It's the best psychotherapist and the best cure for depression. Every artist has his own sadness inside, known only to himself, and he tries to share it through his art in order to extinguish it a little.

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