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Julie Hanney "La danse": A piano that deserves attention.

Once again we recommend one of our favourite performers Julie Hanni and her extreme release entitled "La danse".

Julie Hanni is an American pianist and composer. Her solo piano compositions and interpretations, inspired by a wide variety of genres and performers, are diverse, creative, passionate, emotional and soothing. She has been playing piano since early childhood and has been writing music for almost as long.

The light, graceful grand piano will clearly brighten up your holiday time and create a warm, pleasant atmosphere around you. The sensitive hands of the pianist can play the instrument in a way that touches the soul! Each key of the piano is worked out with such care that it is as if they were living creatures engaged in a musical dialogue with each other. Delicate melodies flow smoothly into emotional climaxes, making your heart beat in unison with the music. It will be a wonderful addition to our playlist and will hold a special place in your heart.

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