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Juliano "Nocturne": Slightly cinematic neoclassical.

In front of you is a composition by the German composer Juliano called "Nocturne".

During his life he worked with various bands and orchestras and enjoyed arranging new songs for them. But time and time again he was drawn to the piano to create his own new melodies and reveal them to the world. His music is inspired by different moods, nature as well as influences from different genres such as neoclassical music or film.

A somewhat exciting piece for piano and strings in which the piano plays in the foreground and the strings serve as a background. This technique gives the work a somewhat cinematic character, but the beauty and virtuosity of the performance managed to captivate us. The composition lasts two and a half minutes and throughout develops and becomes increasingly dramatic. The composer has demonstrated a high level of compositional skill and sensitivity in creating music.

We recommend the composition "Nocturne" to your attention:


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