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Juan Arboleda ''Firefly'' - a stroke of genius

Juan Arboleda is a Colombian Grammy-nominated composer and pianist, who won our hearts with his recent piano piece entitled ''Firefly''.

This kind of music happens only once in a while and rightfully so - brilliance is rare, that's why it's called brilliance. Falling somewhere between neoclassical and jazz, the music is complex and graceful. Not only does it accept the chaotic world we live in, but it makes that chaos seem ever so beautiful and inviting. With pure beauty always at the center of attention, the themes of this piece appear to be almost collapsing over each other, but only to create new paradigms in an instant. Elegant and consumed by it's own genius the music continues to surprise with harmonic and rhythmic inventions, making the undemanding 3 and a half minutes of it's duration feel like a rich, fulfilling and memorable lifetime.

Get your mind blown to ''Firefly'' at the link below:

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