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Josiah Austin "Naïveté": A jewel of neoclassical.

Works such as "Naïveté" enthrall and delight fans of neoclassical music. Josiah Austin from Vancouver, Washington is a highly accomplished and versatile composer and pianist of contemporary classical music, known for his mesmerising blend of alluring melodies, lush harmonies and elegant simplicity. With a strong emphasis on narrative, his work is characterised by gentle piano-centred compositions that sometimes incorporate electronic and orchestral elements, creating a truly unique and compelling musical experience.

The work is breathtaking in its melody and virtuosic execution. There is a wonderful sense of dynamics and composition. The two and a half minute piece will captivate you and the gentle melody will distract you from your everyday worries, make you relax and enjoy the moment.

"Naïveté" is a jewel of the genre!

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