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Joshua Carlton "Swallowed by the Sea": Music meets dance in an inseparable artistic endeavor.

While we love receiving music videos from the creators all over the world, I must admit that in most instances, my attention remains mostly with what I hear, while the visual aspect serves more as a background, that I'm not prone to pay too much attention to. However, every now and then I will come across a work that gets it just right, giving the audience a complete audio-visual experience, where the two elements seem to be inseparable, or at least you wouldn't like them to be apart.

Joshua Carlton's "Swallowed By The Sea" is exactly that kind of artistic endeavor. Musically rooting in classical and cinematic, the arrangement is an ever-lasting moment of anticipation, surrounded and affected by the most beautiful nuances, appearing all across the sonic spectrum. Painfully true to itself, the music remains loyal to its contemplative domain, fulfilling each bar with enchanting strings, brass and keys. Then, the natural brilliance of the music is represented ever so accurately by the visual - namely the dancer, who seems to interpret the song as if it was the sound of her soul. Casually dressed and enchanting with both the moves, as well as simply the presence - the dancer completes the music in a way that only a natural-born artist could do, giving a performance that is a skillful, as it is selfless.

What a way to collaborate, more of that please!


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