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Josh Winiberg x Alex Milne x Bergersen Quartet "Prelude": an overwhelmingly beautiful experience

UK based pianist, composer and producer specialising in soundtracks, Josh Winiberg collaborates with Alex Milne and the Bergersen Quartet to craft the final track of Winiberg’s album Change entitled, “Prelude,” a tribute to endings and new beginnings.

The piano opens the piece with a gentle melody that is sweet and soothing, immediately displaying its allure. Light-hearted as the notes flow out of the song in a beautiful and anticipating way, the listener awaits the full bloom of the composition while the crisp notes glisten and shine. As the guitar is strummed, the warmth of the piece grows, adding a fun feeling groove and giving it a little bit of a lift that is only heightened by the addition of the strings. The guitar adds such a unique sound quality to this piece that works, in this context, quite effortlessly, widening the soundscape right in the lower middle range. The string notes help this piece soar, reaching the piece to greater heights in its longing notes. There is an uplifting feeling of gratitude for the process and contentment in enjoying the moment, sprinkled with hope and excitement for the future and its bright perspective. As the piece unfolds to its full capacity, the string notes are quickened and the emotional aspect of the composition develops into its most overwhelming state which can only be attributed to the sheer beauty of the piece that will surely bring you chills and lift your spirits with pure joy.

For a neoclassical piece guaranteed to give you chills, look no further:


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