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Josh Semans ''Pyre'': Ondes Matrenot for you soul to heal

Josh Semans spoke straight to our hearts when we first came across him a few days ago, impressing us so much, we called him a 'genre defining artist'. Today we present another creation of his, which presents the beauty of ondes Matrenot at it's very finest.

Entitled ''Pyre'' and immersive as ever, the track is a two-and-a-half minute long journey along astonishing analog drones produced by the peculiar instrument. The composer shows deep understanding of universal beauty all throughout and expands the sonic picture with cello bass notes and a glimmering ambient background. Perfect for meditation, the music captures a wide array of emotion, thus also coming off as appealing regardless where and how you are at the time of listening to it.

We like Josh, we like him a lot. Listen to ''Pyre'':


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