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Josh Semans "Clouds Like Mountains'' - a genre-defining neoclassical endeavor

What does neoclassical even mean? Well, it's simple, it means new classical. And what does 'new' mean? That's a question not that easily answered? To some, 'new' is merely represented by how recently it came to be. Others choose to have a more complex understanding of the term, only attributing novelty to creations that capture not only the present moment, but have a certain courageous perspective about them. While neither of the definitions are right-er, it is fair to say that Josh Semans is drawn to the more complex understanding of 'new', an assumption we base on his masterful, intricately composed neoclassical piece with a charmer of a title - ''Clouds Like Mountains''.

Taking off on a somewhat melancholic piano melody, the sonic spectrum is soon expanded by the most mesmerizing ondes martenot, complimenting the piano in an absolutely enchanting way. Frankly, so enchanting, that before too long the composition seemingly lures in a whole rhythm section along with a fresh electronic background - turning the piece into a moving (and when I say 'moving' I mean it makes you move!) neoclassical wonder, reeking of goodness, emotion and freshness.

Artists like these define the genre. Beautiful, hypnotizing, impressive, let it in:


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