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Josh Doughty ''Cartef'' - masterful piece played on a kora

Josh Doughty is a natural talent from UK who began his musical journey at the age of eight on an instrument called kora. Kora is a west-African 21-stringed harp that does sound a bit like a Spanish guitar to an untrained ear, but carries some of the unique tonality common to west-African string instruments.

The entire piece is a flawless one-man musical endeavor by an instrumentalist who has clearly mastered the instrument many times over. Eclectic in it's influences, the song has hints of classical, pop, folk and even medieval. The musician exhibits the highest skills all along the track, finger-picking effortlessly through the rather complex composition, all the while providing a rich dynamic spectrum, along with a handful of emotion and nerve.

It lifts our spirits to see such young talent at such a high level. Check ''Cartef'' at the link below:


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