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Josh Carter "Lost at Sea": the ideal neoclassical day-starter

Josh Carter is an American neoclassical composer, who's folk-infused, dreamy and powerful track entitled "Lost at Sea" is a perfect companion to start a day off.

Floaty and beat-less, the composition swings in on a contemplative piano and gazing strings, painting a bright, welcoming picture. The music then catches onto rhythmical rails, gently building up along the dynamic spectrum, then falls back down into it's contemplative domain. Then, as if struck by a fresh breeze of winds the composition elevates itself to an almost feast-like paradigm, with a catchy, polka-like melody and a mesmerizing backing endeavor of strings. After a short dynamic drop the composer takes us onto the third and final dynamic upward - liberating, careless and free, it leads you out on sounds of courage, readiness and excitement for the adventure ahead.

Charming piece of music, rich in detail and finely arranged as well as delivered. Start off your day with this:


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