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Jordi Forniés "We Invented Love": The piano that speaks of beauty

Jordi Fornies comes to us with the composition and video work "We Invented Love".

Jordi Fornjes is a Spanish musician, composer and visual artist based in Singapore. His work is characterised by a continuum between gentle overarching refrains and defined sequences with increasing momentum.

Always contemplative and expansive in nature, his compositions draw on neoclassical and ambient electronic music. Fornieres writes for piano, strings and small ensembles, working with studio recordings alongside electronic elements.

The composition "We Invented Love" attracts with its melody and romantic mood with a slight sadness. The piano sounds beautifully and you can hear the hands of a professional at once. Such compositions are created to awaken feelings and help to relax. A great addition to our playlist!

To listen to "We Invented Love" you just need to follow this link:

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