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Jonathan Hartsock "A Blossom in Lorriane": nonchalant, immersive, neoclassical piano

Jonathan Hartsock is an American pianist who has recently released a courageously composed and equally bravely delivered piano piece entitled "A Blossom In Lorraine".

What immediately stands out in this release is the intimacy of the recording, combined with the nonchalant delivery of this intricate musical piece. Featuring a number of themes, all written around a classical/cinematic core, the themes seem to interchange freely, asking no pardon. It is almost as if the pianist was composing the piece on the go, every now and then unsure of what comes next, but making it all sound coherent and sexy nevertheless. It is that very unpredictability and charming urge that makes this piece stand out in the category of piano compositions.

Individualistic, oddly complete and nonchalant - what's not to like? Here's "A Blossom In Lorraine":


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