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Jon Notar ''Cascade'' - a magnificent piano arrangement that lives

Neo stands for new, we all know that, but in many cases the newness is mostly represented in the year of a given release, whereas the compositions often remain highly loyal to the patterns of the past. While the beauty of classical is universal, immortal and should be kept alive in it's original form, it is also great to see that some composers take the old recipes and twist them with their own ingredients. Jon Notar is one of those innovative composers, who has once before been features on our blog and now returns with more of his original neoclassical in a release entitled ''Cascade''.

Multiple intertwining piano lines swiftly create a strong momentum, accurately painting a picture of a running/falling water, aka a cascade. The composition continues to pick up pace as the individual piano lines become more colorful and more elements are being added - beautiful distant background whispers and cracks inclusive. The piece reaches a beautiful climax which for a second feels almost dangerous, as if the running water was becoming too heavy and was about to break out in a flood, but returns ever so swiftly to it's gentle, cascade-like rhythm before any real damage is done.

What a magnificent way to arrange multiple piano lines into a single living organism. Do check it out:


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