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John Theodore "Ghost in the Woods": a mystical neoclassical piece

American composer and songwriter, John Theodore presents a neoclassical piece inspired by a series of photographs in “Ghost in the Woods”.

This composition quickly crafts its ambience and portrays a landscape that looks and feels like its title, with its cool and mysterious, yet beckoning, friendly tones. The harp strikes first as it lays the foundation while the soprano sings crystal clear, beautiful vowel sounds that are rather soothing, pairing smoothly with the melodic harp. The mesmerising duo is not too long after joined by sweeping cello notes that play another major role in the production. The trio meld into one dynamic sound as the elements do not compete, yet uniquely share the spotlight of their own strengths. There are hints of wonder and curiosity in the climbing notes as this piece shares its warm, mystical glow.

Be transcended into “Ghost in the Woods” here:


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