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John Tell - ”Lovely”: A Scandinavian gem

Swedish composer John Tell recently enrichened us with a relatively new piece of cinematic/epic music of his. The song is called” Lovely”, and it seems fair to say that it would be a shame not to share this gem with you, dear readers.

Put this piece on, and you will hear waves hitting the shore in the background, while soft and tranquil sounding synthesizers delivers a strong melodic foundation. This is definitely not a bad cocktail, and especially not when the mixing is as well put together as it is. All the different layers compliments each other incredibly well, creating a soundscape in which many different feelings can evolve. The tone of this thing is both relaxing and emotionally loaded. It is both volatile and somehow rooted. Just as the song itself is both a delightful new discovery, and a great example of a song that actually lives up to its title; Indeed lovely.


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