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John DiStase Music ''Buttermilk Pancakes'' - western guitar hero

If you are fan of western acoustic guitar then John DiStase's ''Buttermilk Pancakes'' will speak right to your heart. While the innocent sounding song title may throw you off, rest assured what you're about to hear is no short of badass.

The guitarist, who has clearly mastered his instrument many times over, is delivering a performance equal to that of Jimmy Page's ''Black Mountain Side''. Riffing around blues/country chord progressions, the music is not only captivating but is equally entertaining with all it's elaborations and brief jazzy deviations. The song eventually reaches a rather melancholic bridge, but only to soon return to it's rambling masterful main theme - straight up awesome.

Finger picking doesn't get any better than this. Enjoy ''Buttermilk Pancakes'' at the link below:

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