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John DiStase Music ''Around The Bend'' - another strong performance from the guitar guru

John DiStase, who only a couple of days ago was for the first time featured on our blog, returns with another skillful display of guitar music.

Similar to his prior release, the music relies solely on the six-strings. However, unlike his earlier musical endeavor, this tune features not one but two guitars: a good ol' western and a sexy sustain-driven electric. The creator once again exhibits pure mastery playing both of the instruments, allowing them to take the spotlight, but also bond with each other, elegantly swirling around the blues/rock patterns. One may wonder, why is music like that not arranged in a full band set-up, with all this creativity at hand? Whatever the reason may be, we actually appreciate the limitation the artist made for himself, since it is those limitations that allow us to feature the music on our blog.

If you're into guitar music, blues and rock, but at the same time can't handle the banging drums too much - this will make your day. Enjoy at the link below:

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