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Johannes Repka "Elias": The handwriting of a true creator.

Introducing the composition "Elias" from Berlin-based composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Johannes Repka.

He studied guitar and arranging in Mannheim and Weimar in Germany and is known for his soundtracks for the films COMBAT GIRLS (Kriegerin), CLEO and SCHMITKE. Directors such as David Wnendt, Paula Beck, Lars Montag and Andreas Dresen have worked with him on international films. For the latter, he composed the music for the film The Legend of Timm Thaler, which was nominated for the German Film Academy Award for BEST MUSIC.

This composition is a real find for us! It has an incredible aesthetic value and mesmerises with its beauty! The composition is based on the piano, which is made by the hands of a master. The handwriting of a real creator can be felt in every chord!

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