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Johannes Cernota "Violas Song": Beauty in simplicity.

We present "Violas Song" by Johannes Cernota, a successful visual artist and composer.

As a pianist, he performs solo and ensemble programmes and is in demand as an accompanist for silent film screenings. Listeners are delighted not only by his impressive piano technique, but also by his deep, varied, often humorous style of presentation, which goes beyond the usual classical repertoire and expands it with improvisational and interdisciplinary elements.

A light and unobtrusive, graceful piano piece. Very aesthetically beautiful, skilfully woven from the notes of the author Johannes Czernota, the composition "Violas Song" leaves an indelible mark on the listener's soul, mesmerises him and does not let go. Its timing is only a minute and a half, so we recommend putting it on repeat to experience it to the fullest. We recommend to include it in your playlist for relaxation!

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