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Joel Bille "By the Lake": This composition is capable of surprising.

The composition "By the Lake" is written by Joel Bille, a composer and sound designer from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Joel has been active in the video game music scene since 2013, composing music in a wide variety of genres, bound together by melody, playfulness and authenticity.

A composition only a minute and a half long, in which the distant meow of a cat can be heard behind the piano notes at the very beginning, made us cringe. The composition "By the Lake" pleases with pauses in the melody and the lively natural sound of the instrument. It reeks of modesty, peace, home cosiness and warmth.The composition opens the album "Ghost Giant (Original Game Soundtrack)". From the first notes you can hear that the author has put all his soul into this work, used his talent and skill. We strongly recommend you to familiarise yourself with this work and we assure you that it will not leave you indifferent.

Turn it on and listen and you'll hear the cat meow:


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