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Joe Kenney "Reflection No. 3 - Connection": An expensive piano delight.

Joe Kenney who's an American pianist is debuting on our blog with an uplifting and rich live performance of a piece called "Reflection No.3 - Connection".

From the early bars it is evident that we are dealing with not just skill, but plenty of class and soul too. Written around a pop/blues/jazz core, the piece will lift you spirit as effortlessly as you would lift a 100 dollar bill found on a street. Elegant end-to-end and complete with beautiful tremolos, sweeps as well as vividly rich chords, the tune maintains a steady course all throughout - which is not to say that it's not dynamically rich, for that it certainly is. However, the pianist manages to elaborate on the core idea in a multitude of ways without any histrionics or excess - a statement to just how well-composed (no pun intended) the musician must be.

Enjoy this delightful piece of music up above.


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