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Joe Dworniak "We Sometimes Fall": Neoclassical string ensemble.

The second track on "ANATHORA, vol 1" is called "We Sometimes Fall" from Joe Dworniak - composer, songwriter and producer of multi-platinum recordings with Latin Grammy nominations and award-winning albums.

"We Sometimes Fall" unfolds smoothly, with gentle background keyboards at first, but then, with the first stroke of the bow, your composition blossoms like a vibrant tapestry, expertly woven from strings of passion and emotion. Strings that flutter and resonate like heavenly threads, filling the air with palpable energy. Each note, like a shimmering jewel, finds its place in an intricate mosaic, creating an enchanting symphony of sound.

The composition is ideal for creating a meditative and montage-like atmosphere and will become a jewel in your montage playlist.

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