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Joe Cilento ''Ruminations'' - the charming psychopath of piano pieces

Joe Cilento is an American musician with a rich history of involvement in different genres, ranging from rock, to classical and cinematic. His recent release ''Ruminations'' is an edgy neoclassical piece written for piano, which spoke to us with exactly it's ability to stand out.

While the early bars may not seem as much, it soon becomes evident that we are dealing with an independent and original creator - a message sent to the listener with a hint of atonality and a slight, very slight arrhythmic element. While the piano carries out it's peculiar idea, it is completed with a background of distant synth and string drones, bringing the listener to a universe not far from that of Tim Burton. The entirety of the composition, as light and lovable as it may seem, carries within itself a somewhat eerie vibe, like that friend of yours who you love and cherish, but who has a slightly intimidating air about them.

Mixed feelings are better than no feelings. Check out ''Ruminations'' at the link below:


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