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Jodie Miles "After Rain": Warm rain of notes.

As we continue to introduce our listeners to some wonderful neoclassical composers and their music, we couldn't pass by Jody Miles and his composition "After Rain".

Jody is a composer and producer whose music centres around the neoclassical and cinematic genres. In January 2021, Jody released his daughter's song 'I'm With You' which continues to raise money for children across the UK who need support for their mental health. Jodie lives in Berkshire, England.

"After Rain" opens with an incredibly gentle and warm intro that creates the atmosphere after the rain. With each note you can feel the caress of the drops hitting the surface, and the piano perfectly conveys the freshness and purity of the air after a downpour. The musical canvas flows smoothly like water and leaves behind a feeling of renewal and calmness.

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