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Jocéan "Aurora (Interlude)": The expensive part of handpan town.

While handpan may have gotten a bit of a shady reputation due to its popularity on the internet among undecided youth who just want something easy - the instrument does have a true musical potential and is capable of creating an atmosphere like no other, both things being prevalent elements in a recently released "Aurora (Interlude)" by Jocéan.

According to press provided by the artist the track is "...set to mimic the dancing light forms of the Aurora Borealis". While I'm personally yet to witness this visual wonder of nature, I feel like after hearing this track I have already in a way encountered. The picturesque element of the track is so vivid and immersive, it had me close my eyes in seconds and my mind wonder freely into the infinity of the universe and back several times over during the almost two-minute runtime of this track.

A messiah that handpan music doesn't only need, but also deserves:



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