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João Victor Barroso ''Colaborações'' - a relaxing non-chalant experiment

João Victor Barroso is a Brazillian composer who debuts on our blog with a neo-classical piece entitled ''Colaborações'' that's as beautiful as it is strange and edgy.

Let us begin by saying that the music is without a doubt cinematic. Taking off on distant strings, the picture is soon dominated by a gentle, jazzy piano melody. While the string section and the piano proceed to whisper gentle words into our ear, something odd happens soon - it is almost as if the two elements attempt to part from each other. While we don't know whether that was intended or not, the effect is actually quite peculiar. While the string section and the lead piano seem to be engaged in some kind of a conflict, it also feels like they are dying to stay together and are quite fond of whatever beef they have - an intention that becomes evident when the two rejoin harmonically several times along the composition.

Peculiar, to say the least and available at the link below:


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