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Jin Ma "The town I grew up in": Neoclassical with an oriental flavour

Jin Ma is a neo-classical/new age composer from Asia. His music incorporates both Asian and Western tones to create piano compositions that are ideal for relaxation, healing and concentration. This composition "The City I grew up in" is the perfect proof of that. "Music is my passion and composing music brings me a joy that nothing else can match", Jin Ma says of herself.

"The town I grew up in" is an unusual piece of music in which the composer boldly experiments with Eastern musical traditions and gives them his own creative vision, allowing the listener to embark on a musical journey through the ancient East. The title refers to the composer's nostalgic sentiments towards the city where he grew up, which somehow holds a special place in his heart and history. With simple harmony and an unhurried tempo, the work is neither dull nor monotonous, but harmonious and balanced. Every note is in its proper place. The unhurried sense of ancient Oriental life creates a meditative, relaxing atmosphere, which makes the piece ideal for listeners who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and unwind.

Jin Ma's work deserves high marks for its creative approach, experimentation with the traditions of oriental music, and for creating a unique atmosphere and mood in the work. If you are looking for new ideas in music or just want to enjoy a unique sound, this work definitely deserves your attention and will be a great addition to your relaxing playlist.

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