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Jim Brickman ''Mary, Did You Know?'': A delightful musical painting

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Jim Brickman is an American pianist and composer - early into the season - released a Christmas-themed neoclassical piece that will soothe any and all of the oncoming winter evenings with it's warmth and vividness.

Taking off on drones that are equally angelic and murky, the composition immediately captures the mood of the season, sweeping in much like the first snow does - always a bit sudden, yet always welcome. Past the brief picturesque introduction, the lead is taken by a masterfully played piano delivering the most elegant and moving of melodies atop an expanding orchestral background of strings, choir, flutes, xylophones and otherwise. Dynamically rich and immersive, the piano phrases and their supportive elements feel as natural as the change of the seasons itself - a statement to the composer's ability to write and arrange, as well as to interpret the world with it's circumstances with accuracy and intelligence. The arrangement is something that is definitely worthy a praise of its own, with each supportive instrument being placed precisely where the ear wants it, all the while the sum of them all - despite being a large one - is well balanced and screaming musical fluency along the entire almost three-and-a-half-minute runtime of this vital artistic endeavor.

Masterful, madly rich in detail and effortlessly delivered all the way - a must have on your playlists. Here's ''Mary, Did You Know''?:


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