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Jesse Brown ''It Was Just A Bad Dream'' - top shelf chill piano

Jesse Brown is pianist who has had a significant amount of success with being playlisted across streaming platforms and having heard his recent release ''It Was Just A Bad Dream'' it becomes evident why.

The first thing that caught my attention was the intimacy of the recording. The pianist has clearly chosen a specific piano, one which he knows and cherishes as well as made sure that the listener hears all of it - the melody and the entire mechanical body of the instrument throughout the entirety of the recording. While the core melodic idea of the composition remains simple by intention, it is beautified with a wide array of brilliant little elaborations, as well as an added layer of what sounds like a harmonica, or a similar instrument at the end of this soul-grasping musical endeavor.

Unplug to this wonderful piece of piano music at the link below:

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