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Jens Montana ''Gentle Breeze'' - relaxing piano for all walks of life

Do you have a garden? Or is there a park nearby where you live? Either way, if it's not raining cats and dogs we advise you grab your headphones and go sit in the summer breeze of nature while listening to this wonderful piano piece by Jens Montana entitled ''Gentle Breeze''.

Easy and effortless, the composition swings beautifully across what in fact are only two chords on the left hand, all the while the right hand caresses the listener with a beautiful melody and all of it's graceful elaborations. Harmonically landing somewhere between cinematic, pop and jazz, this piano piece is bound to appeal to all walks of life with it's gentle and beautiful nature, and a piano that is played with skill, heart and thought.

Enjoy the ''Gentle Breeze'' at the link below:


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