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Jean Bell "Caelum": An angelic flight across a calming horizon

'Caelum' means 'sky', 'heavens' in Latin, as well as is the title of this angelic neoclassical release by Jean Bell which we are delighted to share with you today.

Melancholic with its minor key, the melody lingers in on muffed, gently pressed keys and a delivery that is equally nostalgic and present. The composer - rightfully confident in the melody - reintroduces it a few times before expanding the soundscape with a touching string movement. The two instruments now work together, as if two wings of an angel, flying effortlessly across a calming, undemanding horizon. Elegant but also dense, the composition delivers its purpose unshaken, calm and in just over three minutes - a statement to the creator's undeniable musical prowess.

Enjoy this heavenly piece at the top of this article.



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