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Jay Chakravorty "Alexia, Berlin": an unexplainable neoclassical masterpiece

UK-based, self-taught composer and multi-instrumentalist Jay Chakravorty, presents “Alexia, Berlin,” a neoclassical piece about two things he loves dearly, a friend and the city she lives in. The piece is in honour of the source of comfort these two things were at such a low point in his life and expresses platonic love in general, the feeling of being truly seen, and the support and hope that it can give.

Slow to the peak, the climbing notes that open the piece are patient and meticulous in their delicate and deliberate efforts to craft the way for the strings which enter shortly after. With the bed of piano notes underneath, the harmonious qualities of the string instruments are rich and extremely goose bump prone. There is such an epic build up in this track that is highly anticipated and greatly rewarding. The height of this piece is magnificent alike to the lookout on a mountain top. Stunningly beautiful, this track will take your breath away.

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