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Javi Lobe x Fransoafran "Infinity (Strings)": Top-shelf neoclassical.

Neoclassical just reached new heights with this mesmerizing release by Javi Lobe and Fransoafran, who seem to have cracked and then evolved the code for composing for piano and strings.

"Infinity" is a nostalgia-infused neoclassical arrangement featuring what I believe is one of the finest string performances in my recent memory. Starting off subtly with just a piano, it is not before too long that the soundscape is completed with a masterfully played violin melody. The piano and the strings work so well together it is as if they were played by a single entity - a statement to the musical prowess of the artists involved. Expanding the already glorious musical horizon with another violin, the composition evolves to be a living, breathing and moving creation. With immense attention to detail and a fluent, soothing dynamic, you could almost pick the violin notes apart and study/enjoy them one by one - all of which is emphasized richly by an elegantly played piano accompaniment.

Masterful to say the least, an absolute winner. Here's "Inifnity":


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