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Jasper Kwant "Saoirse": a solo piano piece so delicately tender and touching

UK based pianist, Jasper Kwant, presents a piece named and written after the birth of Jasper’s daughter, Saoirse.

There is something immediately and immensely warm and welcoming about this piano track, with its sweet and rounded notes that lack sharpness or harshness in the most comforting way. This piece feels incredibly delicate which comes to no surprise as the inspiration of the piece was the composer’s very own newborn. It is evident this piece was written in love and wonder, as each note plays with such tenderness and extreme care. This piece is mellowing and peaceful while so strikingly beautiful, it sticks with you and speaks to you. Memorable and moving, “Saoirse” is truly a special find in the neoclassical realm.

Listen to the piano speak here:


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