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Jason Murray "Lay My Weary Head": a brilliant musical tale of trial, failure and resilience

If you're an avid reader of our blog, you will know that vocals are often a spook to us, even more so if they are lyric-infused. While that remains true, some artists hit that sweet spot where not only does it not bother us, but sweeps us off the ground as well. Jason Murray's "Lay My Weary Head" is exactly the kind of vocal-driven, lyrical track and more.

Intricately intersecting at classical, folk and rock, the composition is a charmer like few. The somewhat medievalesque melody delivered by the most soothing of male voices is telling a story of trial, failure and resilience. Complimented by a masterfully played acoustic guitar, as well as deep string bass and and an occasional choir, the composition speaks volumes for artist's musical capabilities, as well as his pure, honest nature of self.

A little bit Simon & Garfunkel, a bit medieval, a bit Beatles, a bit like nothing we have ever heard, here's "Lay My Weary Head":


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