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Jason Ehleben ”May” – an uplifting and intense string arrangement

Jason Ehleben is an artist who won our hearts with his latest piece of string-based music entitled “May”.

The song keeps things simple at first, with just a few layers of playful strings creating a curious, yet thoughtful atmosphere, while assuring the listener that something worthy is waiting around the corner – and true enough – the second movement is a sonic treat, where the half legato-styled strings add an incredibly uplifting tone to the piece, bringing the listener into an near-ecstatic state. The best is, however, saved for last with the stunningly intense final movement, where the true potential of string-based arrangement is revealed. Expanding with more layers, “May” leaves the listener emotionally overwhelmed, while remaining true to playfulness, thoughtfulness, and uplifting tone all of this musical endeavor.

We cannot wait to hear more from Jason Ehleben, but for now here's ''May'':


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