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Jameson Nathan Jones "Gloomy Lights Rework": The Holy Grail of experimental neoclassical.

Jameson Nathan Jones is an American composer who's well refined experimental neoclassical piece "Gloomy Lights Rework" we are listening to today.

The piece from its early bars holds a promise of a unique experience - it's intricate backing ambiance combined with piano and strings, which every now and again and so very deliciously hit a dissonant tone, create an atmosphere of anticipation that thrills. While some of the elements in this composition may sound familiar or even cliché, it is the combination and sum of all that makes the piece unique, along with the highly creative dynamics all along the track. The piece ascends and descends like some divine mechanical bird then sets full flight towards the end while maintaining the intricacy found in the build up of the song.

Truly a masterpiece, enjoy:


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