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James Dearden Bush ”Flight”: Ambient Guitars from Outer Space

British Guitarist/Composer James Dearden Bush have recently released an Album called Emanation. Of this 10-song long project, the song I have decided to write about today is called “Flight”, and is an ambient, spacey, and emotionally packed electric guitar piece.

Starting off with a gorgeous, soft guitar-lead, the song is both catchy and somewhat spacey from the first note. As the song progresses, however, melodic variations appear, and more guitar layers are presented, sucking the listener even more in to the reverberated soundscape this tune brings to the table. It’s clear that the composer knows what he’s doing all the way through – both as a guitarist and as a composer – as there’s not a single unnecessary layer is to find in the mix, and as every single melodic lead complement each other in a lovely fashion. An incredibly tasteful guitar-composition.


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