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Jakob Lindhagen "Rewritten - Reconstructed by Cedric Vermue": A composition that will surprise you.

Before you is a composition by Jakob Lindhagen called "Rewritten - Reconstructed by Cedric Vermue".

A bit of information about the composer himself:

Jakob Lindhagen is a composer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist who has been playing musical instruments since the age of five. His music has racked up millions of downloads, been played on radio stations such as BBC and KEXP, and on television channels across Europe. His film work includes two short films nominated for the Palme d'Or and the Swedish Academy Award-winning feature film Skerhaten.

The composition "Rewritten - Reconstructed by Cedric Vermue" amazed us with its splendour. The sounds flow like emotions, opening in the melody like buds of spring flowers. The piano sounds great, the quality of the recording conveyed all the natural sounds of the instrument, the squeak of its keys, pressing the pedal, etc., which allowed us to more fully convey the beauty and majesty of the composition and the skill of the author. At 1 minute 10 seconds the piano is joined by strings and together they continue to paint this marvellous soundscape called "Rewritten - Reconstructed by Cedric Vermue". This is true art, capable of touching the deepest strings of the soul, awakening the imagination and inspiring new achievements. The composition creates a unique atmosphere and gives pleasant, positive emotions with which it will be pleasant both to wake up and to fall asleep.

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