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Jacre ''Always Here'' - crystal clear just got a captain

Jacre is a British singer/songwriter who after a decade of taking a break from music, recently returned to grace the scene with his captivating, crystal clear voice and moving, sincere compositions.

''Always Here'' is a musical endeavor that lands somewhere between cinematic, pop and neoclassical. Carried on Jacre's mesmerizing vocals, the song - in both it's lyrics and spirit - is full of longing to a particular significant other. Jacre's pitch is so perfect it will make you wonder whether autotune has been involved in this production, however as someone with a trained ear and a singer myself, I can almost certainly conclude that no trickery, other than some reverb and compressor (which is basically standard procedure for any recording singer) has been applied. Beautifully composed, including it's soul-stirring neoclassical background, the track holds a big promise for the oncoming releases by Jacre, which we hear are already in the pipes.

It's not often we cover lyric-based vocalists here, but this is worth making an exception to the rule:


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