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Jacco Wynia "Wholeheartedly" (feat. Sander van Dijk): A duet made in heaven.

Few things are better than when two skilled musicians play in agreement, a case vividly exposed in a recently released "Wholeheartedly" by Jacco Wynia and Sander van Dijk.

Written for piano and French horn, the piece delivers itself with plenty of intent and emotion, as well as musical prowess. The to instruments, beautifully played each own, blend in a manner that's unforced, inviting and memorable. If this doesn't end up on a major playlists on Spotify some time soon, someone needs to check in with the headquarters and see if there are still any people left there at all (I hear they're in Sweden).

Do allow this to move the air around you, wherever it is you may be:



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