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Jacco Wynia "La danse": Liszt and Mozart smiling in heaven

Jacco Wynia is a Dutch pianist/composer who's virtuous piano piece entitled "La danse" we are eager to share you with you today.

Whether or not you would call yourself a piano music lover, the elegance and pure beauty of this composition will compel you to adopt that title. From the very first bars it is evident that we are dealing with a pianist who has mastered the instrument many times over. The dynamic element of the composition is a notable one not only in each phrase or bar, but under every hit of a key, luring you in with its detail-rich delivery and a melody that is glimmering like a stream of spring water in the rays of sun. Ever elaborate, the composer adds, moves and alters the classically rooted theme, giving it a thousand different shades in just three-and-a-half minutes - all effortless and ever so natural, despite being highly complex.

While Mozart and Liszt are smiling in heaven, enjoy this divinely beautiful piece of music here on Earth:


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