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Jaap Mol "Drifting": The 'neo' in the 'neoclassical'.

Another mighty fine release from Netherlands has come to our attention today, reminding us once and again just how immersive and crisp neoclassical music can be.

"Drifting" by Jaap Mol is one of those tunes that could serve as a text-book example for what neoclassical music is. This is by no means to say that the tune is in any way cliche or boring - hell no. On the contrary, the composition is painfully loyal to the 'neo' (Latin: new) found in the word 'neoclassical'. Beaming with an expensive production from the get go, the creator of this piece creates a magical moment and then drives it forward with a consistent and approachable dynamic. The near-tangible momentum of this tune is owed to the brilliantly placed piano melody, which - always behind the beat - threads the otherwise elaborate bars of strings, synth and what other angelic sounds have you.

If you're a parent and your kid is nagging at you with 'whatsaneoclassicaaaal?', then this could be your answer:


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