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Instrumental Timeout ''Prelude'' - smooth, memorable neoclassical

This recent release by Instrumental Timeout entitled ''Prelude'' is an absolute treat for lovers of chill, smooth neoclassical.

Taking equally from classical and pop, the music presents itself with a duet of a piano and an acoustic guitar, elegantly sweeping two Disney-like chords, all the while a distant drone creates an almost invisible, yet necessary carpet. Necessary, because the of the intended fragility of the piano element. While it's melodic nuance vividly lingers in the listener's ears, it is the style in which the piano is played which screams fragility - each note gracefully delayed and carefully placed an octave above. Half way in, the composition picks up pace and invites another supportive element - a double bass, which provides for more support to the crystal-clear, thin, glimmering piano notes.

Beautiful, undemanding and very memorable - enjoy this piece of neoclassical at the link below:


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