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Inreload ''Through The Wind'' - nordic neoclassical with a twist

INRELOAD is a music project started 2020 by Henrik Göranson a Swedish producer, songwriter and a multi instrumentalist from a small village just outside Gothenburg. His recent release ''Through The Wind'' is a peculiar piece of piano music that falls somewhere between chill and intense.

The melodic effort is nothing short of simple - a melody that rings familiarity is played with elegance and nerve. It is not before too long that it becomes evident, that the artist has no intention of big harmonic elaborations. Instead, the piano maintains the momentum, patient and filled with anticipation. Intricately, the recording features several layers of backing sounds: an ooze, an oscillation and some shimmers - all appropriately intense to soothe the mood.

Check out this plain but cool piano chop from Sweden at the link below:


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