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Inner Child "Calm" - a song of the galaxies

An intergalactic creation from Inner Child, “Calm” holds tightly to its namesake. This serene piece simulates a feeling of floating in space, drifting along in a tranquil and clear frame of mind. A potent calm with a strength that incites weightlessness, it is tangible as you envision the planets spinning slowly and the stars brightening and dimming in their variant glow. There is comfort in the mental silence this song provides in its peaceful stillness. Steady and lulling, this song is a soft sonic blanket with its careful ambiance and meditative quality. Rising and falling, the song breathes as the notes grow and dissolve, giving it a natural feel and instinctive listening experience. In a bustling and turbulent world, this is truly a precious moment of simplicity in existence, through breathing and total presence in the present alone. 

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