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Inkfields ''Hope'' - guitar music that swings with grace and coolness

Inkfields is a British composer who's genre is difficult to define, but takes richly from folk, rock, and classical, mixing them into a delicious, unique sonic salad.

''Hope'' is a pacing piece written for several guitars exhibiting not only great finger-work but also high appreciation for musicality, dynamics and beauty in general. With folk/indie at the core, the music carries a significant familiarity within itself, but at the same time doesn't bore the listener with overused cliches. Thematically rich and diverse, Inkfields introduces lovely elaborations on the theme melody, a crisp transition and then a refreshing modulation leading into yet another theme - one with strong undertones of hope which will lift your spirit, however high or low it may be at the time of listening.

Elegant, beautiful and cool, check it out:


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