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[Indistinct Chatter] ''Swings'' - a heavenly ambient neoclassical symphony

[Indistinct Chatter] is an ambient project out of Ireland who has caught our attention with a release entitled ''Swings''. With a simple title like that, one may have different expectations - swinging high, low or somewhere down the middle - but what we heard was no short of blissful.

The song begins with a rhythmical drone-like sound which - again - may go endless different directions and like a poker face, or an alien form of life - is hard to read. It is soon joined by a sister sound adding a somewhat melancholic tone with it's melody. This hypnotizing groove continues to build for some time, when suddenly, a soul-stirring string section enters the spectrum, giving the composition new, unexpected colors of peace, humility and love. From there on, the music becomes it's own master, gracefully swinging across its neoclassical/ambient playground. It is as if composer patiently created a living organism in front of our very eyes (or should we say ears?) and let it live out it's own course, letting it fade ever so gently at the end of this 8 minute long musical endeavor.

Immersive, mesmerizing and brilliant - treat yourself to it at the link below:


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