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Imaginary Pianist ''Hess Is More'' - masterful nordic downtempo jazz

Imaginary Pianist is a piano project lead by a Danish composer Mikkel Hess, who's music has been featured in major Nordic film productions, ''Suicide Tourist'' inclusive.

His recent release ''Hess Is More'' is a piano piece that - much like most piano pieces coming out of Scandinavia - carries beautiful hints of Jan Johansson. Rich in it's body and down-tempo, the music walks the listeners into a mystifying, beautiful room with grand windows and chandeliers. Only the riches present in the hall are covered in a thin, yet a layer of dust, signifying some unexpected event that set the normality off course. The music seems to be wise enough not too dig too deep into the story as to not awaken any unwelcome ghosts, but is also brave and curious enough to take a good look around and imagine the possible scenarios that may have happened in this magnificent, slightly eerie room.

Beautiful down-tempo storytelling by an elegant jazzy piano, enjoy it here:


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